Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I still love you

What would you be like in one year or two?

You could be married with the person
you love now or someone else.

There are millions of things
we don't know about life.

But just being honest with you

There's one thing I know much about
and that is...

I love you still.

And I don't want to let you go.

I will fix you

If you were a broken Tv,
I will fix you and reuse.

it's all mine to overcome it

I can hardly believe he'll go back
no matter how hard I try.

I guess I need to learn
how to let go the person
when he loves someone else more.

Although I can't change the situation
it's all mine to overcome it.

Just like holding an umbrella
when it rains hard.

I got to learn to be wet and be cold.

Just one last chance to have you back

I always thank you.

You were always on my side
whenever I was in trouble.

And I appreciated you for
becoming part of my family.

In my last vacation,
I thought about you a lot.

But there was nobody to talk
about my problems.

I may sound strange but

I thought that if there's one person
who can understand me in this world,
it would be you.

You're the only one
who'll be on my side
no matter what happen.

And speaking of sides,
you're the only one left on my side.

But how could you...

How could you do this to me?

You left me behind
with that woman you called love.

Now I'm alone.

Okay, so you must have loved each other.

But don't I have the right chance?
Just one last chance to have you back?

For I can't just leave you
when I see your life falling apart.

Please tell me my love

The flowers and cards
you sent for special days

Oh how could I not recognize that
it meant nothing?

What do you do when you face
a reality you can't take?

If you know about it,
please tell me what to do my love.

Now that I know
there's someone else in your heart

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The unforgettable night


do you remember the night
under that beaming moon
where the stars hid their lights
ashamed to see a brighter love
that holds each others hands


of course, my love
how can i ever forget
a sapphire breezy night in the balcony
on fire with love
holding the hands of a man
filled with love and desire

Man & Woman:

That night was unforgettable

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

I've taken up martial arts
so i can be with you.

You said you gain more weight
than the year before.

But I think
I've grown to love you more.

Yes, I promise
to love you more next year.

I suppose, you no longer
notice me these days.

But that's alright.

I like the closeness we have.

Remember, I'll always be here
to wish you Happy Birthday!


I sewed and stitched day and night
till my fingers went numb

just to finish a heart
that never feels a damn


you smiled that smile
and it brought out the sun in me

it changed me
from sunset to sunrise

a love that can never be

i was on your back
looking at you
while stepping on your shadow
and thought,
"This is where I want to be"

But that was also the time
when i realized that
a love like this can never be
for you don't have a space for me
there in your heart

a heart that always belongs
to someone else